Examples from the Bredon Hill Roman Coin Hoard – Errors

Richard Henry, Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaion Officer for Worcestershire and Warwickshire, puts the coins represented in the Bredon Hill Roman Coin Hoard into context in this series of posts.

Each coin was struck by hand, consequently errors are commonplace unlike today when a major error by the mint becomes headline news, as can be seen with some 20p coins missing a date from 2008.

The most common error is coins being mis-struck, therefore having to be struck twice. Other errors can be seen within the hoard – there are examples where a coin is a hybrid of two types. Or where two bronze discs have been inserted before striking instead of one, the result being one coin with just the Emperors bust and a blank reverse, the other with just the reverse and a blank obverse.

Richard works closely with Museums Worcestershire in his role for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, a goverment-funded scheme co-ordinated by the British Museum.


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