Gallery 51/Week One – The Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts

Gallery 51 is a project that occupies part of the old library space at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum in Foregate Street. We are using this new space as an opportunity to share some of our behind the scenes collection work with our day to day visitors who never usually get chance to see the work involved in preparing for exhibitions or conserving and stabilising objects.

Door Transome dirty
Detail of a door transom before cleaning

Our first job has been to resume work on a collection of painted glass that was made by the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts for the Regent Palace Hotel in London in the early twentieth century. The hotel has been redeveloped over recent years and the glass was returned to it’s native Worcestershire at the request of the local Conservation Officer.

Regent Palace Hotel, London

Our volunteers have already cleaned a selection of this glass for an exhibition in 2011 called Edwardian Elegance but this new working space has given us the opportuntiy to carry on with the job and finish cleaning the rest of the glass. This week we have been working on two door transoms.

Door Transom after cleaning

The glass is caked in the fumes and dust of the London street on the outside and the nicotine and dirt of the hotel bar on the inside. We are using cotton buds and microfibre cloths to clean the glass with a very weak cleaning solution so the work is slow and meticulous but the finished result is well worth it.

Our volunteers are generally working in gallery 51 on mondays and wednesdays (11am – 2.30pm) but may also be around on other days where they can. Please  drop in to see their work.


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