Gallery 51/Week Two – The Regent Palace Hotel

Our volunteers have continued to clean the Bromsgrove Guild painted glass. The work on the door transoms from the Regent Palace Hotel is almost complete and the finished result is wonderful. We have opened a second box of glass this week. These new windows are also from the Regent Palace Hotel in London and if anything are more filthy than the transoms. This painted glass contains the letters RPH (Regent Palace Hotel) and at some point large parts of the glass have been over-painted in a gold paint. It is pealing in some places and its tempting to try to remove it all but after discussion we have decided that the paint remains an important part of the object and for now at least we will clean the windows with the paint left on. These windows are very dirty indeed so we have used a museum vac and paint brush to remove the worst of it. Next week we will continue work on these windows with cotton buds and a weak cleaning solution.

RPH glass from the Regent Palace Hotel

This week has seen the exciting discovery of the largest assemblage of Worcester-made late medieval roof tiles that we have ever found in the city. The tiles have been found (still in use) on  the Commandery roof rather than during an archaeological excavation which is where tiles of this date are usually found. Mike Napthan who is carrying out the watching brief at the Commandery thinks that these tiles have been reused in their current location from an earlier building (possibly at the Commandery) and that they have probably been off and back on this present roof a number of times too. The exciting thing about these tiles is that they are all stamped, presumably with the marks of local makers, and so over the coming weeks our volunteers have agreed to help us carefully clean the tiles, measure them and photograph them. Not a job for the fainthearted.

Late medieval roof tiles, made in Worcester, from the Commandery roof

Our volunteers are generally working in gallery 51 on mondays and wednesdays (11am – 2.30pm) but may also be around on other days where they can. Please  drop in to see their work.


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