Native American myths and storytelling workshop

Researcher Ruth Stacey


Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery have a small selection of Native American items. I was lucky enough to see them in storage when I was writing my dissertation. It was strange to be writing about North America in rural Worcestershire but looking closely at the bead work and imagining the beading in The Antelope Wife helped me to get closer to my subject matter. Recently the museum thought it would be interesting to get them out of storage and make a display of them, with some taxidermy animals; red fox, porcupine and skunk. They invited me to do a workshop that would use Native American stories to inspire poetry and artwork. It was a beautiful day, summer solstice with hot sun glinting through the windows. The group of people came up with some wonderful ideas that translated into vivid written images and some stunning artwork.


Ruth Stacey was born in Worcestershire in 1977. She graduated from Bath Spa University in 2001 with a degree in English and Creative Writing. After different temping jobs she ended up working as receptionist at a website design agency and this led into a career in copy writing and web design.

After the birth of her three children she returned to study for a masters degree at Worcester University in Literature, Politics and Identity. She graduated in 2013 and has since focused on leading creative writing workshops and working as a private tutor.



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