Worcester Tramways

horse tram 1912

Horse-drawn tram from the Worcestershire Tramways, stopping at The Ketch on Worcester’s Bath Road in about 1912.

foregate street c

Electric tram outside Worcester City Library and Museum on Foregate Street, about 1925.

The Tramways and Accidents
Berrows Worcester Journal;
Saturday, February 23rd 1884.
Three accidents occurred on Monday in this city in connection with the opening of the tramways for the public use. One arose out of the crowding near the rails, and the others from boys following the cars. A lad named Henry Winscombe, painter, aged 14, was running after one of the cars down the Tything with a number of other lads, when he fell, and his right foot getting under one of the wheels, three of his toes were severely crushed. He was removed to the Infirmary, where it was found necessary to amputate two of the toes. The lad is progressing favourably. A boy about ten years of age and a woman named Bertha Eshbury. Fifty-four years of age, were also dealt with at the Infirmary in the course of the day for injuries sustained in the crowd which assembled near the tram lines. In the case of the woman, she was knocked down by a passing spring-trap – one of the wheels of which passed over her chest – in getting out of the way of one of the tram cars.

electric tram routes


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