Arcadian China Souvenir Ware Dispatch Rider

University of Worcestershire work experience student Chloe Higgins helped the collections team prepare posts for #MuseumsWeek on Twitter. For #SouvenirMW, we posted this 1916 Arcadian China souvenir ware dispatch rider and Chloe spent some time researching the object.

Arcadian China souvenir wear dispatch rider

Souvenir ware, typically in the form of small white glazed porcelain models, bearing crests and names of seaside resorts were particularly popular the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The industrial revolution and the growth of the railway networks opened up travel to the working classes and a trade emerged for small souvenirs of these travels.

At the turn of the century, many items like this had been made in Germany, using postcards and images as a reference and then shipped to the UK. But WWI put a stop to this trade and all souvenir ware would have all been made in the UK during this time. Arcadian China of Stoke-on-Trent was one of the most prolific designers of military-inspired souvenir ware objects. This small Arcadian China model of a dispatch rider with the crest of Bournemouth, from the Worcester City Collection, is currently on display as part of the exhibition An Englishman Abroad (24th January – 31st October 2015).


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