Worcestershire County Council Seal

sealThis was the first official seal of Worcestershire County Council, it’s dated 1889. It’s now in the Worcester City museum collection.

The Local Government Act of 1888 established county councils throughout England and Wales. This created a standardised system of administration on a county level and introduced the election of county councillors. This act used the historical county boundaries to create administrative counties and county boroughs for the larger cities.

Successive acts have altered the geographical shape of some councils and the responsibilities of the administrative tiers to try and create a more efficient system, including in 1974 the creation of Hereford and Worcester County (initially planned to be called Malvernshire) which existed until 1998.

The city of Worcester is one of a small number of medium-sized cities that was a county borough from 1888, administered independently of the rest of the county, but did not become a unitary authority in 1974 – instead since then it has been administered by the two tiers of a district and a county council with different responsibilities.


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