Worcester Racing Gold Cup and Steeple Chase

Winners of the Worcester Gold Cup, value 100 guineas, the principal race at the Worcester Summer Race Meeting. It was first run in 1812 and discontinued after the 1839 meeting.

1812   Mr Shaw’s Offa’s Dyke

1813   Mr Munsey’s Meterorina

1814   Sir W Wynn’s Bravo

1815   Hon WB Lygon’s Tozer

1816   Mr Charlton’s Tozer

1817   Sir W Wynn’s Piscator

1818   Mr Charlton’s Indus

1819   Mr West’s Fitz Orville

1820   Lord Stamford’s Comet

1821   Mr L Charlton’s Master Henry

1822   Lord Stamford’s Peter Lely

1823   Mr Mytton’s Euphrates

1824   Mr Mytton’s Comte d’Artois

1825   Mr Mytton’s Euphrates

1826   Mr Myttton’s Longwaist

1827   Sir W Wynn’s May Fly

1828   Mr Mytton’s Euphrates

1829   Sir T Stanley’s May Fly

1830   Mr Davies’s Villager

1831   Mr Beardsworth’s Independence

1832   Mr Griffith’s Thorngrove

1833   Mr Phillips’s Tom Brown

1834   Mr L Day’s Diana

1835   Sir T Stanley’s Intriguer

1836   Mr Haywood’s Lentulus

1837   Mr Speed’s Darling

1838   Mr Speed’s Issac

1839   Mr Tomes’s Isaac

The first steeple chase was run in Worcestershire in 1836 on Powick Hams, through traditional hunting country. From 1844 an annual steeple chase was run at the Worcester racecourse, as shown in the print below from Worcester City Museum’s collection.



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