Portrait of Alderman Walter Holland (1831-1888) by John Haynes-Williams

HSW_WGH_10This portrait of Alderman Walter Holland, from the Worcester Guildhall collection, is featured in an upcoming book about his Worcester contemporary, Samuel Telford Dutton.


The researcher and author, Edward Dorricott, describes the publication:
This book, published (2016) by the Signalling Record Society, describes the life and work of enterprising engineer Samuel Telford Dutton who, towards the end of the Victorian era, founded a business in Worcester for the manufacture of railway signalling equipment for British and export markets. A native of Manchester, Dutton made Worcester his home town as a young man and during his lifetime contributed to its corporate life through community involvement and as a city councillor.

Part 1 is largely biographical, tracing Dutton’s family and business life; the second part examines the equipment he supplied to many of the railway companies in the British Isles. A surprising number of his products survive today, both functional and as museum and collectors’ artefacts. During the preparation of the volume, extensive original sources have been consulted and site visits made the length and breadth of the UK. This is the first book to be published on this subject, the culmination of many years of research.

There are 256 pages printed on gloss art paper, casebound with printed board covers Lavishly illustrated, including many colour photographs, and comprehensively indexed. A foreword is provided by David Dutton, great-grandson of Samuel.

Samuel Telford Dutton – Railway Signal Engineer of Worcester

ISBN 978 1 873228 26 5



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