Bust of Sir Charles Hastings by Thomas Brock

web Bust of Sir Charles (c) Museums WorcestershireSir Thomas Brock, born in the City of Worcester in 1847, was a leading sculptor of his age. Trained at the School of Design in Pierpoint Street Worcester while apprenticed at the Worcester Porcelain factory, Brock completed his education at the Royal Academy School in London whilst working in the studio of John Henry Foley.

From his studio, Brock created works for the Worcester Porcelain factories as well as larger public statues. Local examples include Queen Victoria outside Worcester’s Shire Hall and Bishop Philpott at Worcester Cathedral. His crowning glory, however, was the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace which led to his knighthood in 1911.

Brock became famous for the exquisite quality of his busts and worked with numerous well-known sitters including Sir Charles Hastings, a Worcester-based doctor who went on to start the British Medical Association in 1832.

Hastings was fascinated by nature and was a key member of the Worcestershire Natural History Society whose collections developed to become the city museum. Opposite Worcester City Art Gallery &¬†Museum a plaque now remembers Sir Charles Hastings on his former house, and inside the museum Brock’s bust can be found in the Museum Gallery.

Garston Phillips


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