About the Collections

Worcester City & Worcestershire County Joint Museums Service cares for the public collections of the city of Worcester and the county of Worcestershire.

Museums Worcestershire Collections Management Policy

The city’s collection is the older, dating back to 1833, with public collecting in the county beginning in the 1960s.  The two collections are separate, but managed in parallel both on display and in store, with objects and information shared for exhibition and research.  Worcester City’s collection reflects its urban collecting area, with Worcestershire County’s strengths being from a more rural situation.  Both collections include items of local, regional and national significance.

Worcestershire County exhibits a nationally important collection of colourful Gypsy caravans, beautiful costume, social history, archaeology, travel & transport and examples from The Bromsgrove Guild.

Worcester County museum collections development policy

The bedrock of Worcester City’s collection is the natural history collections.  The fine art collection complements these by deepening our interpretation of the peculiarly English landscape, both traditionally and through contemporary eyes.  Worcester’s social history and archaeology collections demonstrate the human occupation, development and use of a typically English county town.  It includes significant multi-layered excavation sites and objects from Worcester’s main industries of glove, porcelain and vinegar-making.

Worcester City museum collections development policy

Researchers should contact museumcollections@worcestershire.gov.uk to arrange access to collections in store.

Archaeological units seeking to deposit excavation archives should view depositing archaeological archives guidelines and then contact museumcollections@worcestershire.gov.uk.