Collections Care

Museums Worcestershire has over one hundred years of expertise within its curatorial team. We share our skills with other museums and heritage organisations through partnership projects, consultancy work, workshops and museum mentoring.

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When handling historic fabric, you should use clean hands. When that’s hard to maintain, use thin disposable gloves, or as a last resort, clean cotton gloves.

To make padded hangers for hanging costumes, you will need:   hangers   polyester wadding   stockinette tubes

To make dust covers for hanging costumes, you will need:  tyvec   unbleached tape

Boxed costumes should be protected from creasing using acid-free tissue and stored in acid-free boxes 

If pests are discovered with historic costumes, they can be frozen for 2 weeks in a domestic freezer, or 1 week in an industrial one to kill the pest. Wrap and seal in a polythene bag or parcel before freezing. A gentle insecticide can prevent pests returning to a stored box without damaging the fabric.